Winter 2019 League Registration

The information below is a single-page view of all the programs we offer. If you already know the program you are looking for, use the quick links below.


Youth Program

For full details on our Winter 2019 Youth Program, follow this link.

WBHL Youth Program

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Co-ed Leagues (Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)

Most co-ed leagues give you 9 games per season. We are excited to announce 2-3 bonus games for each league this winter season!

WBHL Co-ed Leagues

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Women’s 4v4 Program

Our WBHL Women’s Program is truly one of a kind! In this league, you sign up as an individual and we will build up to four teams that all have a similar skill level. The goal here is to encourage ladies who are new to ball hockey to learn how to play in a safe, fun environment that promotes good health and exercise. Who knows, maybe you will even be recruited by a teammate to join their co-ed team on a different day of the week?!?

Register as a single player, or register a group of two and we will place you both on the same team!

WBHL Women’s Program

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Men’s 3v3 Draft League

Our Men’s 3v3 Draft League is a great way to improve your skills as a ball hockey player! All players are placed into a pool and captains will draft players to their team for a season. This is a great way to meet new ball hockey players and play with people you might normally play against!

Men’s Sunday Night League

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